Africa Calling Cards & Phone Cards

Call any country from Africa and save over 80% on your long distance.

Our cheap international calling cards are emailed within seconds, and ready to use.


Africa Phone Cards & Africa Calling Cards for Worldwide Calls
Our calling cards are used to call internationally to save you money. The prepaid calling card you purchase will have advanced functionality such as pinless dialing, speed dial , and best functionality of all, to set your account to auto recharge. Never have to worry about shopping for another calling card again.
USA USA 0.9 ¢/min Austria Austria 9.6 ¢/min Brazil Brazil 1 ¢/min Canada Canada 0.4 ¢/min
China China 0.7 ¢/min Egypt Egypt 6.9 ¢/min france France 0.5 ¢/min Germany Germany 0.7 ¢/min
India India 0.9 ¢/min Israel Israel 0.5 ¢/min Italy Italy 0.6 ¢/min Jamaica Jamaica 6 ¢/min
Japan Japan 1 ¢/min Kenya Kenya 9.19 ¢/min Libya Libya 16.7 ¢/min Mexico Mexico 0.3 ¢/min
Pakistan Pakistan 1.6 ¢/min Philippines Philippines 8.3 ¢/min Poland Poland 0.8 ¢/min Russia Russia 1.7 ¢/min
South Africa S. Africa 1.4 ¢/min Spain Spain 0.7 ¢/min UK UK 0.4 ¢/min Vietnam Vietnam 4.4 ¢/min


Pinless Dialing

  • Flat rate for the entire selected country
  • Call from over 50 major countries
  • 24/7 Account Management
Pinless Dialing
Pinless Dialing